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Corrugated Packaging

  • Name of Style Description
    Regular Slotted Carton (RSC) A standard style box.
    Half-Slotted Carton (HSC) A style of box that does not have a top.
    Full Overlap Carton (FOL) A style of box.
    Telescope Box A style of box that is like a T-Shirt Box, but is made from corrugated material and is therefore a lot stronger.
    One Piece Folder (OPF) A style of box that is generally a die-cut.
    Five Panel Folder A style of box.
    Corrugated Partitions Seperates products in the box to prevent damage from occuring.
    Taped Tubes Type of protective inner packaging.
    Corrugated Pads Type of inner packaging that seperates products within the box.
    Multi-Depth Boxes Usually an RSC box that has multiple depths, all in the same box. The box can be cut down to fit products that are the same length/width, but have different depths.

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