Welcome to Windham Container Corp.

The number-one manufacturer of custom corrugated boxes & foam packaging! Select a link above to learn more about our services.


Contact Information

TEL: 860-928-7934
FAX: 860-928-3332

Individual Contacts

  • President & Sales Manager Gordie Mauer
    E-Mail gordie@windhamcontainer.com
    Sales Eric Mauer
    E-Mail eric@windhamcontainer.com
    Office Manager Jeanine Mauer
    E-Mail jeanine@windhamcontainer.com
    Plant Manager Jim Peterson
    Quality Control Manager Jean Peterson
    Production Specialist Jamie Chattelle
    Foam Production Specialist Mark Janczyk
    Logistics Gary Bennett
    Webmaster Ali Kurnaz
    Website http://www.mysticfox.info/